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At the innovative Bilingual Héctor Urdaneta School, you will find the best education from pre-kindergarten to High School. Your child will receive an excellent education, with our excellent academic program and modern facilities equipped with a photovoltaic solar system and internet access for all students.
Our goal is to forge the leaders of tomorrow.
At Hector Urdaneta School we conduct multiple activities aimed at the physical, mental, social, emotional, and cognitive development of the student, making our school the best choice for your children's education.

Héctor Urdaneta School is a private, secular institution that provides its services to all social levels, led by its founder, Professor Rocío De La Fuente, and its Board of Directors. The school's name pays tribute to Professor De La Fuente's foster father, the great composer, pianist, and arranger of the Pan American Orchestra, Héctor Urdaneta. Mr. Héctor Urdaneta passed away in the prime of his youth, bequeathing to the people of Puerto Rico the treasure of a musical style of excellence through compositions such as 'Simplemente una ilusión,' 'En Cada Beso’,' 'Negrito,' 'Natural En Mi,' 'La Cortina,' 'Que Siga La Fiesta,' 'Soledad,' 'Tonadita,' '¡Ay, Que Negra Tengo!,' among many others. Our commitment to the composer goes beyond his achievements in music; it is a tribute to the great human being who, with his sensitivity, could touch the souls of all those who had the privilege of knowing him.

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Do you want the best for your children?
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Héctor Urdaneta School is committed to providing its students with the best educational opportunities, enabling them to develop their character, leadership, and a service-oriented attitude. Our dedicated profesors foster a sense of belonging in the students by creating an educational environment that permeates their spirit.


To provide a comprehensive education focused on bilingual academic excellence, emphasizing the development of human values and leadership skills. We promote a desire for acquiring knowledge and educational experiences that strengthen the growth of our young students. Our aim is to graduate individuals who are healthy in mind and body, grounded in values, equipped for competent and responsible engagement in their future professional or technical endeavors, and well-adjusted emotionally and socially."


Building values in early age for the leaders of tomorrow.


The philosophy of Héctor Urdaneta School arises in response to the concerns of the Board of Directors of the Héctor Urdaneta Educational Project Inc. They believe that a positive educational environment, teaching values, and the experiences children are exposed to at an early age are the foundations that will shape the leaders of tomorrow. The environment should be motivating, engaging, challenging, and encouraging for children to develop their analytical skills, problem-solving abilities, and the application of their knowledge.

The preschool stage in a child's life is considered one of the most important, as the student is at the center of the teaching and learning process, where they are viewed as a unique and individual being.

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Building upon this foundation, our school covers from Pre-Kindergarten to Twelfth grade and aspires for the student to achieve:

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